Saturday, October 18, 2008

Long Beach WA

We were fortunate enough to take a wonderful trip to Long Beach WA with Steve's family the beginning of October.

Grandma Schwark kept Aiden so well entertained he didn't want to leave. She baked cookies with him, colored pumpkins, blew bubbles, and even played football on the beach. Aiden and Nolen's cousin Tennyson came up for the day. Aiden had a wonderful time following him around and trying to do all he was doing.

The first couple of days the weather didn't cooperate at all. The wind was blowing the rain and sand sideways, but I made Steve and Aiden venture out to the beach anyhow. I didn't want to drive all that way and not spend any time on the beach, regardless of the weather, or if they were miserable :) To occupy ourselves we wandered the hotel, played pool, and ping pong. Aiden enjoyed the ping pong as he got to stand on the table. Thankfully the weather cleared up the last day and we had a really good time playing on the beach.

THANK YOU Grandma and David for the fun trip!