Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Day Was Good for us, not so good for the turkey, I guess

We had a thankfilled thanksgiving this year. The Schneider family came to stay with us for four days, and gave us more reasons to be thankful.

Thursday was of course filled with cooking, eatting, resting, and more eatting. By Saturday night I had racked up a total at least 15 turkey sandwiches (before you freak out, they were little, on the costco little rolls, but still I was sick of turkey). It is a good feeling to eat so much of something wonderful that you become tired of it though. This is part of how I rate a sucessful thanksgiving.

Friday my mom and I braved the black friday crowds and headed to Alderwood mall. We spent more time in the car getting there then we did actually shopping - and we ended up not buying anything at the mall. My husband considers this the mark of a sucessful shopping trip. We hit Costco too. No remarkable sales, but I can always find something to buy at Costco :)

Saturday the boys hit the golf course. They had fun although it was wet and cold. I guess golf is golf.

We spent the evenings playing Wii and watching movies. Aiden was only wounded once by an out of control wii player (grandma). He may have also been scared by her explation of death when he inquired after my brothers pet rat. :) Cant be any worse than Steve letting him watch a baby horse being born on tv, (every now and then he still mentions how baby horses come out of your bottom).

Anyhow, I have detoured.

Hope everyone had as wonderful of a thanksgiving as we did!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank You Mr. Man at Costco Gas Station

My mom and I stopped to fill up the gas tank at Costco today. She being the thoughtful person she is offered to pump the gas (she is worried about gas fumes and how they might affect the next schwark grandchild), while pumping gas, the man next to us said "you know if she is old enough to drive, she should be old enough to pump her own gas", my mom says to him "oh, she is pregnant, so I want to pump it for her" (this is the good part) he says "OH, I thought she couldnt be a day over 16". Lovely, just lovely.

This was almost as good as a friend, Krista, thinking I could possibly squeeze into a size 4 jeans.

Whether it is blatentant flattery or not, I will take it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have been away awhile

I have been battling morning sickness - again. This is why I havent written anything in a while. So, updates for our family;

Nolen, 9 1/2 months old now and walking, and climbing (everything). He can take a few steps in a row now. He does try to walk everywhere but usually plops down after one or two steps. He is getting his first tooth, so he is a little cranky, but still a peach.

Aiden, almost 3. Most of our discussions center around what we will do to celebrate his birthday. So far he wants a cake, a candle, and hats.

Ellie, old enough to be a better behaved dog, but regressing nonetheless. She eats diapers every chance she gets (dont give her any kisses) steals food off the counters, and knocks the kids over. BUT, she is good to them and they love her. She gets a stay of execution for a little longer.

Steve, working....working....fixing broken stuff around the house, taking care of me and the boys and the diaper eater.

Me, mostly trying not to throw up and not to feel too guilty about all the movies Aiden has been watching while I lie around trying not to throw up.

All in all life is great and we are so thankful for our family.

Nolen's Baptism

We had Nolen baptized on October 12, 2008, at Gold Creek Community Church. He of course did lovely and was a happy little man being held by Pastor Dan. The water didnt bother him and neither did the loud music or lights.

We had a great lunch back at our house afterwards and lots of friends and family came. Nolen promptly had a bottle and went to bed for the duration of his party.

Unfortunately being the second child it seems to be true there are far less pictures taken of his events. But he got a blanket commemortaing the event just like his brother, so far they are even.

(Amy Whisenand, Nolen's god-mother, pictured right)

Grandma Schneider Comes to Visit

My mom came out to spend a whole week with the Schwark's. She came out in time to help me with all the baptism lunch preparations and decorations - THANK YOU MOM!!

I had hoped to do one "fun" thing each day she was here, but the morning sickness started to kick in and I was less than energetic. We did manage to make it to the zoo. Aiden had his first ever experience of being thrown from the stroller by a maniac stroller driver - grandma! I guess we will strap him in for future rides with her!

While Nolen and I napped Aiden and grandma worked on many art projects. There is nothing Aiden likes more than scissors (danger) and glue (mess). He had a grand ol time doing crafts with grandma.

We had such a great time with grandma. The lack of exciting tourist events gave the visit a feel that we lived close together and were just doing everyday things together. It was really lovely.