Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have been away awhile

I have been battling morning sickness - again. This is why I havent written anything in a while. So, updates for our family;

Nolen, 9 1/2 months old now and walking, and climbing (everything). He can take a few steps in a row now. He does try to walk everywhere but usually plops down after one or two steps. He is getting his first tooth, so he is a little cranky, but still a peach.

Aiden, almost 3. Most of our discussions center around what we will do to celebrate his birthday. So far he wants a cake, a candle, and hats.

Ellie, old enough to be a better behaved dog, but regressing nonetheless. She eats diapers every chance she gets (dont give her any kisses) steals food off the counters, and knocks the kids over. BUT, she is good to them and they love her. She gets a stay of execution for a little longer.

Steve, working....working....fixing broken stuff around the house, taking care of me and the boys and the diaper eater.

Me, mostly trying not to throw up and not to feel too guilty about all the movies Aiden has been watching while I lie around trying not to throw up.

All in all life is great and we are so thankful for our family.

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