Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grandma Schneider Comes to Visit

My mom came out to spend a whole week with the Schwark's. She came out in time to help me with all the baptism lunch preparations and decorations - THANK YOU MOM!!

I had hoped to do one "fun" thing each day she was here, but the morning sickness started to kick in and I was less than energetic. We did manage to make it to the zoo. Aiden had his first ever experience of being thrown from the stroller by a maniac stroller driver - grandma! I guess we will strap him in for future rides with her!

While Nolen and I napped Aiden and grandma worked on many art projects. There is nothing Aiden likes more than scissors (danger) and glue (mess). He had a grand ol time doing crafts with grandma.

We had such a great time with grandma. The lack of exciting tourist events gave the visit a feel that we lived close together and were just doing everyday things together. It was really lovely.

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