Sunday, April 4, 2010

Catching Up

We have been busy. We joined the YMCA, went faithfully for a couple of weeks until colds sidelined all three boys. Nolen got in two swim lessons and we all went swimming as a family a couple of times. The pool was super busy, and there is nothing I love more than standing dripping wet on the side lines chubbiness and all waiting for a lap lane to open up. All in all we love it there and hopefully we can stay well and continue to go regularly.

We bought a giant bean bag, it is super comfy and is great for running circles around.

Aiden and Nolen have started to learn how to ride their bikes, we got spiffy new helmets.

Coen is starting to walk. He has taken five steps, but when he needs to cruise somewhere fast he crawls.

Steve put in new bamboo floors on the first floor of our house and took out a bar/island thing to open up the kitchen. He did an awesome job as usual. Ellie immediately started destroying the new floors and consequently has to wear pink rubber toenail tips. She secretly likes them, but pretends she is embarrassed.

The boys and I joined Bible Study Fellowship and it is so cool. Even in Coen's class they are learning about Jesus and how much they are loved. God is so good to me. He pulls me closer and closer everyday.

What else?? Everyday swishes by and I try to remember to kiss them all enough and tell them how much I love them, I know I fail alot, but I'll get up and try again tomorrow.

We are loving the promise of summer and sunshine and looking forward to all the blue skies!
I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

He is risen. He is risen indeed.