Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coen is ONE!

Coen got to start his celebration early yesterday with his best friend Dylan who shares the same birthday. They partied with a cupcake celebration.

Today we celebrated by getting Aiden and Nolens haircut, followed by a train ride, playing in the park and a trip to the new toy store. When dad got home we had take out Thai and a birthday muffin. I thought two days of cupcakes might put him in a sugar coma.

Then we unwrapped gifts from grandmas and grandpas, and tried out the new donkeys. Coen was excited to receive his own donkey and quickly figured it out.

The birthday boy got to take a bath sans pushing, yelling, older brothers and is sleeping soundly dreaming of his second birthday.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Tulip Fields

It has taken me awhile to post these pictures, I think mainly because I was trying to block the whole experience out. On a whim, I thought lets take the fam up to the tulip fields. The three hour jaunt I had planned turned into almost six. Everyone else was on their way to check out the tulips too, it being the actual festival day and all.

Stuck in traffic, blindly following our gps to the very epicenter of the tulip festival, and not the actual fields, we went with two cheese sticks and nothing else. After we finally located the only field, out of dozens left, we and the rest of the Puget sound masses waited our turn to park in the most convenient lot only to realize they only take cash and all we had was half a cheese stick left.

I gave up and said lets go home. Aiden wailed "But I WANT TO SEE THE TULIPS!" Steve calmly found a suitable spot on the side of the road and we hoofed it over to the field.

After sorting the pictures I remembered why we love making the trek. The natural light and rows and rows of flowers make for really cute pictures. Oh yeah, I think the kids are cute too. Especially those cute bare coco toes.