Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Phone Zone

When Washington State passed the no talking on phones while driving law it was really difficult for me to give up talking while driving. I used my commute time to catch up with family and friends. But the new law forced the issue and I have become accustomed to not talking while driving. Now I have this fancy new phone with wifi, giving me the option of looking at my email facebook gmail, whatever I want, pretty much anywhere. Not to mention the really easy texting.

So, while I don't do this while driving per se, I do it at the stop light, or waiting in line for the Starbucks drive through. After watching the Oprah special on the accidents that happen and the people killed by others talking on their phones and texting, I have decided to take the no phone zone pledge.

I will not pick up my phone while I am in drive. I will pull over and park the car if it is that important.

I cant imagine losing someone important to me to such a thoughtless and totally avoidable accident. And I certainly dont want to be the cause of someone elses loss.

There are a lot of things I cant control, but this is one I can.