Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Day Was Good for us, not so good for the turkey, I guess

We had a thankfilled thanksgiving this year. The Schneider family came to stay with us for four days, and gave us more reasons to be thankful.

Thursday was of course filled with cooking, eatting, resting, and more eatting. By Saturday night I had racked up a total at least 15 turkey sandwiches (before you freak out, they were little, on the costco little rolls, but still I was sick of turkey). It is a good feeling to eat so much of something wonderful that you become tired of it though. This is part of how I rate a sucessful thanksgiving.

Friday my mom and I braved the black friday crowds and headed to Alderwood mall. We spent more time in the car getting there then we did actually shopping - and we ended up not buying anything at the mall. My husband considers this the mark of a sucessful shopping trip. We hit Costco too. No remarkable sales, but I can always find something to buy at Costco :)

Saturday the boys hit the golf course. They had fun although it was wet and cold. I guess golf is golf.

We spent the evenings playing Wii and watching movies. Aiden was only wounded once by an out of control wii player (grandma). He may have also been scared by her explation of death when he inquired after my brothers pet rat. :) Cant be any worse than Steve letting him watch a baby horse being born on tv, (every now and then he still mentions how baby horses come out of your bottom).

Anyhow, I have detoured.

Hope everyone had as wonderful of a thanksgiving as we did!

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