Friday, December 5, 2008

Holy Jumper Batman!

Aiden officially turns three tomorrow, but in effort to save money we celebrated today. He LOVES a place called Jump Planet and their free time play is today, since we are not predisposed to pay several hundred $ for a private (more convenient) Saturday party, we seized the moment and played today. Aiden's friend Trey joined us and they had a great time flailing and ricocheting off one another.

Aiden completely shocks me with his bravery at this place. He can scale the climbing walls, and then he practically runs down the slides on the other side. He was jumping off the top of a 5'-6' tall mountain and bouncing around with no concern for safety. This is shocking to me because it is totally out of character for him. He is reserved, almost to a fault. He studies and analyzes new situations for what seems like forever, and then sometimes still opts to sit out.

He of course enjoyed cake and pizza and presents. In fact he and dad are playing Lincoln logs right now, and once a house is built it promptly has to be bulldozed by the new piece of construction equipment.

It has been an awesome three years.

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