Friday, September 25, 2009


I made a monumental mistake this morning. Steve sent me a coupon for 10 underwear for 25$ at Victoria Secret (you know your underwear is looking pretty bad when your husband starts sending you coupons for new ones). These deals that he sends me are always gone really fast so I hurried up and got the four of us ready to head to the mall. In my rush I didn't return the stroller to the back of the van.

Twenty minutes later and ready to unload the pack in the parking lot I discovered my error. Not wanting to miss out on this great sale I decided to brave the mall with the three boys sans stroller. Coen in the front pack, Nolen with his monkey backpack/leash and Aiden, oh good dear sweet Aiden, who listens so well, stays close and will hold my hand.

I discovered that Victoria Secrets is a nightmare with Nolen on the loose for most part. I uncharactristically made a very quick decision as to what I would purchase and set about collecting 10 of the same size/color. Meanwhile Nolen is straining on his leash opening every drawer, tossing panties about wildly and when I have finally gathered my wares, I look at him to see that he has one pair of frilly undies stretched over his face and is chewing on them. I ripped them out of his hands and tossed the slobbery pair back on the pile.

The only register they had open was the one next to the table with the long billowy satin table cloth, atop which sat bottles of lotions and perfume (glass bottles). Nolen strained the entire time I was paying (could we have your phone #, what about your email.. no... no... cant you see I am trying to wrangle three kids in desperation to buy new underwear after THREE years???, just ring me up ALREADY!) My bicep actually hurts from keeping him restrained.

BUT, I have new can all breathe a sign of relief now.

Note to self....don't forget the stroller.


Krista Schei said...

I think I blew chips through my nose just now... thank you. That was awesome. So very awesome.

So very Kristen.

schwarkmom said...

Isn't that the ultimate goal of trying to be funny - getting someone to blow chips through their nose!

Michelle Dotinga said...

This is the best, I laughed so hard that I cried and my eye make up is running now! I loved it!! I really wish I would see you on facebook more often you have too much good stuff that we all need. =-) Hope all is well wiht you guys!!

Stacey Munro said...

so funny. SHOP ONLINE!