Monday, December 7, 2009

Aiden Turns Four and Nolen Gets a Fat Lip

We have been spending the last couple of weeks in great anticipation of Aiden's impending fourth birthday party, he as much as I.

We made decorations (large painted snakes) and mailed out invitations (he practiced his writing) bought cupcake mix and sat and waited for the day to arrive.

The party was great. We have a bouncy house that fits perfectly in our great room area and this was the only needed entertainment. There were presents and candy and chocolate milk. Aiden did spend a good deal of time crying on the couch after a head bump with the only little girl at our party, who incidently did not cry.... Other than that it was sucessful.

Later putting away the blow up house dad said "no one jump on this bag, I just put the motor in it" and of course no sooner had he left the room than Nolen sprinted across the room and flung himself head first onto the bag. There was loud wailing and lots and lots of blood. So much blood I became a little worried. Once it stopped we were able to see a large cut and bite marks on the inside of his ever swelling lip.

All is status quo here at the schwarks....

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