Sunday, January 24, 2010

Woo Hoo! Nolen is TWO!

Nolen continues to amaze us with his wildness and sense of adventure. I decided it would be great to be like Nolen. When he walks into a room he seems to be thinking, "These people want to know ME." and "What does this place have to offer ME." He really loves life. And we love him.

He is starting to say some recognizeable words, such as BITE and HELP PLEASE and POOP. You know, the basics.

I am pleased with what a wonderful big brother he is becoming. He loves his "baby" and calls him coco. He likes to wrestle with him and coco cant get enough of it.

We had a fun party today. Nolen and his four friends joined him in eating icecream and jumping in the bouncy house.

We love you Nolen, you big TWO year old!

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