Friday, April 18, 2008

Visiting Liberty Lake with the Boys

My first road trip with both of the boys. We made it to Spokane with only minor irritations. Nolen continues to amaze me with his laid back personality. He fussed for a total of 10 minutes and then was his jolly little self for the other five hours of the trip. Aiden continued to amaze me with his perservance in pleasing only himself (I suspect this is typical of two year olds) The battle of wills began when he insisted on watching the same dvd over and over and I could no longer listen to Curios George. He cried for an hour and then when he finally gave in to my apparently unreasonable request of asking me in a controlled polite manner to watch it ONE more time, he promptly fell asleep. All in all a perfect first leg to our road trip. Blue sky, light traffic and good company.

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James said...

Pretty funny stuff!