Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holy Terrible Two's

What fun to be welcomed home by a two year old who now only wants to converse with his dad. I guess the one on one bonding time was a huge success! "No mom, I want dad to...(fill in the blank)". I am sure he is equally as happy to have me home as he received six (so far - its only 3:30) disciplines today. At midnight last night I decided we needed to really get consistent with this obedience thing. This was as I got kicked in the head by a two year old foot for the 50th time. No more napping in "our" bed, no more sleeping in "our" bed, and no more saying "NO! mom!" We have been marching to the beat of our two year old dictators drum and I am exhausted. It is funny how I have been slowing handing over power to him and didn't even realize it until it is totally out of control. I have girded myself with a refresher of chapter 15, Shepherding a Child's Heart and the bible and am currently adding Instructing Your Child's Heart to my arsenal. Wish us well, better yet put us on your semi-permanent prayer list, say 16more years.

Not to completely paint a bad picture of my little sweetie, he is still moms protector as he gave me a huge hug last night and said "Aiden take care of my mom".

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Stacey Munro said...

Well, unfortunately the 3's are where they really start to get smart and take over your world. All the discipline is worth it and soon you will have your nice, sweet boy back. Well, maybe in a few years. :o)