Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smoothie Machine Makes Baby in a Basket

So, I recently purchased a new blender which happens to be incredibly loud. This volume worries Aiden to no end, and he will cry if I don't give him fair warning and time to run to the couch. So, being the considerate mom that I am I place Nolen on the couch and tell Aiden I am about to turn on the machine. He climbs on the couch next to Nolen while informing me that he would protect Nolen.

I hit the smoothie button and wait for the deafening sound. After about three seconds I hear another incredibly loud alarming noise - Nolen - SCREAMING, pretty much the same scream he has when he gets shots. I look at the couch, no Nolen, I run to the couch - oh, there he is, in the empty laundry basket!

Aiden is screaming at me now too. "FEED HIM" "FEED HIM" "FEED HIM" and looking more worried than I have ever seen him look. So somehow Aiden either picked up, pushed, or rolled him off the couch into the empty laundry basket. Poor Nolen. I was angry at Aiden, but realizing this would not be scarring for Nolen, but if handled improperly could be potentially scarring for Aiden. Yelling "Aiden what did you do???" Probably wasn't the most calm collected thing I could have said, but that is what came out. Fortunately that was the end of my tirade towards Aiden. I ended up comforting Aiden more than Nolen.

I believe Aiden's plan was to indeed protect Nolen from the loud noise (which incidentally doesn't bother him) by transporting him to a safer, quieter location via the laundry basket. At least that is the version I am willing to go with at this point.

I am happy to report everyone has come through seemingly physically unscathed, emotionally I guess time will tell :)

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