Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Fathers Day makes me think about all the wonderful men I have in my life. So, I just want to take a moment to brag about them.

First, my awesome husband. He is consistently the most wonderful person. He is the only person I want to be around all the time. He is patient, oh so patient. Patient with the kids, the dog, ME, with life. I want to be more like him. He is SO smart. I am constantly amazed at all he knows. He is funny, he has to have a sense of humor to live in our crazy house. And last but not least, he is a hotty. I got the best man on the planet and I am thankful everyday for him. Plus, he wasn't even mad that we had left over waffles and starbucks for Father's Day breakfast :)

Second, my boys, the men in my life that stretch me the most. They test my patience just about every waking moment of the day - and night. They make me laugh. They make me be creative - like what is the solution to your two year old pooping in his underwear at a fancy bellevue baby boutique? Toss the undies, clean up the kid, let him go comando until shopping is complete. I didnt drive 15 miles on $4+ gas, and load up the infant in the front pack, to turn around and go right home! (I know, I know - bring extra undies....but what fun would that be?) These boys give me a sense of purpose, and for that I am eternally greatful.

My dad's. I got two of the most wonderful, wise, caring, Godly, hardworking dads in the world. They pray for me and give me good advise, and give me the peaceful feeling that come what may they are there for me.

My grandfathers are full of wonderful life experience and wisdom. They are funny and kind. They are authentic and loving. I love my grandpa's.

I even have amazing brothers and uncles and cousins!

Thank you Lord for all the wonderful men in my life.

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Krista Schei said...

You got me all choked up! I loved it... although, I think Kyle's the hottest man alive!