Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leeming Family Reunion

I LOVE MY FAMILY! I can hardly wait until we can see each other again. And I think the majority of the Leeming party felt the same. We ended our trip trying to schedule our next get together.

The Schwark’s trip to Reno went like this:

Our plane trips were great. The boys were super. Nolen spent most of both flights sleeping and after a minor melt down on the first leg of the trip Aiden straightened up and behaved. I must say the DVD player was a BIG help. Aiden was cute saying things like “bye Seattle” and “hello Reno”. I can’t give the airlines any commendations. Southwest was cheapest and that is the inconsistent, unhelpful, uncomfortable service we got for our money.

We flew in Friday and unpacked at our “home base”, Aunt Carrie’s, aka super aunt. She was so awesome with my boys. Aiden and Nolen equally adored her. Although, the backyard baby swing with running fountain and pond came a close second for Nolen. After we dropped our stuff off we headed to Aunt Jody’s for dinner. All I can say is YUM. She put out quite the spread, appetizers, drinks, a fabulous dinner and dessert. And to top it off all our family was there. This is also where James (cousin) unveiled the much anticipated family reunion t-shirts. These completely lived up to all the hype. A bright obnoxious green with coded numbers on the back. By the way James, I wore my shirt out since I have been home and had several compliments!

The Schwark’s plus one cousin Leiya headed to Aunt Jody’s pool for a bit. This pool was awesome. 3 ½ feet deep with a big slide and fun water features. Aiden adored Leiya enough to actually go down the slide and follow her around in the pool. He wanted her in eye sight at all times and when she wasn’t he would say “I neeeeeed Leiya”.

Saturday Aunt Carrie set up lunch at Grandma’s house and we all gathered for sandwiches. It was fun to see the sea of lime green invade the living room. This prompted the slogan “The Leeming Family Goes Green”. We spent the afternoon swimming, chatting and soaking up the sun.

Saturday evening my grandmother had a dinner catered at her club house. It was so delicious and no one had to worry about dish clean up! Then we sat in a big circle and shared funny stories.

Sunday we headed to Tahoe. Everyone gathered at Meek’s Bay. We spent the afternoon playing in the water and eating. My mom, aunt Nancy and aunt Carrie took turns holding Nolen and playing with Aiden. Nolen does not care what the temperature of the water is he just wants to be in it. Maybe he is so well insulated that he can’t even tell the temperature! We did have one tragedy while though. Steve’s brand-new $$$, father’s day gift, sunglasses found a new home at the bottom of the Lake due to an unfortunate capsizing of a small water craft.

We spent Sunday night at the Reno Rodeo with My mom, brother Chris, cousins Brock, Erica, April, Aunt’s Carrie and Nancy. Aiden had a blast seeing all the bucking broncos, bulls, and cowboys. He kept saying “I need to touch another horse”. He clapped and yelled and jumped around, which could have been impart due to his first experience with cotton candy – thank you Erica!

Monday was a perfect day of Starbucks for breakfast, swimming at 10am, and lunch with the family. We packed up our stuff and headed to the airport, where we ended up waiting an extra two hours, but that was not about to ruin all the fun we just had.

We are home safe and sound and all avoided sunburns but soaked up lots of vitamin D. I can’t wait to do it again!

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Adam and Sarah said...

Sounds like a great time! Thanks for sharing. I love being able to see all the pictures.