Monday, July 28, 2008

Two To Go

It is scary, but it is true. Nolen is almost officially a crawler. He is definitely a mover. Though awkward, it is efficient and he gets where he wants to go - fast. Which is usually towards some sort of power cord or electric component. Naturally the more dangerous the more enticing, and the more persistent he becomes.

What is funny is the way he moves. It is a series of pushing himself to a hands knees position, then he lunges forward probably just hoping something besides his face will catch him. Then a belly scoot, a roll, and back to hands and knees. And now he is five feet from where he started. Amazing!

Now they can start going in opposite directions at the same time. Good thing I am taking up running.

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Kristen said...

I was googling my name today and low an behold there is another Kristen Schwark out there in the world!

I am Kristen Schwark from Indianapolis, IN... wonder how our families are related? It was nice to see a Schwark Family blog out there!