Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I tell the pediatrician my son is fully potty trained, no accidents in weeks.
Later that day he poops in his underwear.

I tell my friend my littlest is going down for naps without a fuss and sleeping several peaceful hours.
No nap at all later that day for him. Just screaming and crying.

I say to my husband, "isn't it great that the dog is staying on her bed at night?"
Then the dog is up on the bed 30 times that night.

I think when I say it out loud it jinxes it, but do I ever learn???

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Krista Schei said...

Wow. You may have a super power... you should begin saying things like, "its rough. sex just isn't a priority anymore." or "wow, the weeds just keep growing and nothing ever gets done about them." or "our house is never going to sell!" See what works.