Monday, August 18, 2008

Our First "Real" Camping Trip

We successfully completed our first camping trip. Some of you may know we attempted camping last year, but only made it six hours.

We went to Liberty Lake with our friends the Brown's. Aiden had a wonderful time with their children; Mia, Silas, and Macy. I have never seen him so dirty, bruised or happy. We swam in the lake, roasted marshmellows, hiked around and visited.

There were no wood fires allowed because of how dry it is over in the Spokane area right now, so that was a little weird to sit around a campfire of coals. Not quite the same feel, but it did the trick.

There were very few bugs, but three mosquitoes did manage to bite Nolen on the head. He looked very bewildered as to why I was smacking him. Poor kid.

It is fun to sleep under the stars, and not shower, and be one with nature (plus the car load of comfort items). But I am still in the market for a nice lake house.

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