Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Eight weeks ago out of desperation to "accomplish" something big before I turned 30, I signed up for the Iron Girl 5K. It was to take place one week before my 30th birthday. Like most things I sign up for, I began with gusto, jogging 4-5 week, then by the third week, down to 2-3 times a week, by week seven I started seriously doubting that I could run 3.1 consecutive miles. Why would I submit my self willingly to so much pain. (For me as a person who has NEVER been in shape, to start running, there was A LOT of pain involved).

But since it was a class I paid for my encouraging husband would not let me back out. So the the Wednesday before the race we did our "practice" race. I came in 5th out of our group of 7. I ran two miles, then walked/ran (okay, slowly jogged, because lets be honest, none of what I do can be considered running) and crossed the finish line in 36 1/2 minutes. My goal was to do it under 40 minutes and not passout. I was pleased, but not convinced that I would be able to run the whole thing in three more days.

Sunday Sept 7th rolled around and I was on my way to Green Lake in Seattle. My group lined up in the 11 minute pace place. And we started to run along with 2,400 other women. Being so crowded was a blessing because I focused so much on passing and not tripping that it made the race go by faster, at least until mile 2 where the crowd thinned out a bit. Then I turned it all over to God. I said a prayer before I started that if I was to finish running it would be God working through me, and most obviously not my athleticism. Where I am weak He is strong. I said the Lords Prayer, and Proverbs 3:5-6 over and over, concentrating on how He was making my path straight. I thanked Him for the beautiful weather and scenery, Green Lake is very pretty even when you think you may throw up from not breathing!

So, God got me across the finish line, in 34 minutes, 4th out the 7 in my running group, and 583rd overall. Not too bad for someone who couldn't run a mile 8 weeks ago.

In the extremely small picture, I am the second person back on the left. Nothing remarkable to see. I was blinded with exhaustion at that point and just trying not to make some horrendous face for the camera, luckily the picture is so small you cant see my expression anyhow.

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Adam and Sarah said...

I am so proud of you! Good job on setting a goal and not only keeping it up but beating it.