Monday, September 15, 2008

The Problem With 30

The only problem with 30 is I don't feel like I have 30 years of wisdom. I feel like I am still a very immature, selfish, silly 16 year old. But I have changed somewhat. I care less about what others are doing and what others think about me. I can eat by myself, in fact I kinda cherish that now, but it is probably because eating by myself means missing out on screaming, demanding, messy, messy, messy meals. Even though I am fatter, and slower, and just generally more tired, I like me much better. Don't get me wrong, I will probably forever live in a hopeless pursuit of the body I had at 16. I am nicer now. I am much more considerate and patient. I think these are all good things, and hopefully I will be even better, and thinner, at the next milestone birthday, 40 (GULP).

Thirty isnt so bad, I guess.

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