Monday, April 13, 2009

To Sleep or NOT to Sleep

As we approach the looming date of adding another baby to the family one thing dominates many of my thoughts. Sleep. More specifically, how do I maximize the amount of sleep I can get?

We put the boys back in the same room. Nolen's room gets really hot in the summer, and he wakes up when the garage door opens/closes, and when the garbage trucks come. So back in with Aiden. We also relocated Ellie to their room. She drives me crazy being in our room. She wakes me up at least two times a night. Aiden gets up to pee once a night, and Nolen usually looses his pacifier once every night. These are just the "normal" things that wake us up every night.

So, no more pacifier for Nolen. Hopefully he will learn to sleep better without it.
No more Ellie in our room (the boys seem to be sleeping through her rituals) waking up to shake, turn 3 times, lick herself, etc...
Aiden is starting to sleep through the night better, when he doesn't fall out of bed or need to pee.

Last night we had one of the "abnormal" things wake us at 1am. A fire alarm battery needing to be changed. The biggest annoyance aside from being woke up, is that you have to determine which alarm needs the battery. So me upstairs in the hallway, Steve downstairs rummaging for batteries, we wait for the next chirp.

Why do they always need to be changed at night? Or is it just ours sabotaging our sleep?

Anyway, we have 8 more weeks to work on maximizing our sleep situation before Schwark baby #3 arrives and wakes us up every two hours.....

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