Wednesday, May 13, 2009

White Tigers

Today was Aidens first Taekwondo class. I was very skeptical how it would go because of past experience with trying to give him the opportunity to learn something new and have fun. Lets just say soccer didn't go well.

Then we picked up the uniform last week and he was very eager to try it on. I washed it and did my best to shrink it up because it is very very big for him. We got it all on and he proceeded to lay on the floor and cry. I am not shocked by this. It has become typical behavior for him if he suspects I may be on the verge of pride and happiness due to something he has done. Give the guy credit, he doesn't want to set me up for sadness if he doesn't come through. So he is quick to dash my hopes right from the get go.

I tried not to make a big deal out of the whole hating the uniform thing. And I kept my pride in check while getting him ready this morning. We got the outfit on, with minimal whining. Then after a few minutes he turned on the irrational three year old complaining full tilt. He didn't like the "costume" it was too big, it felt funny, etc.. whine whine whine. Then he asked to see some taekwondo on the Internet. I guess to see if this was really what they wore or if it was some scheme by me to make him look silly.

We arrived at said class and things were not looking up. He was his ultra clingy, insecure self, asking to be held, hiding behind my legs, refusing to talk to the instructors. He even started crying at one point.

Ah, at last things turned around with the entrance of his BFF Trey. Thank goodness for Trey. Aiden followed his lead and immediately the class was fun, the teachers were not out to get him and all was well. He punched, and jumped, and yelled, and I feel overall did a wonderful job, and actually had fun.

Go Po Go (this is a reference to the movie Kung Fu Panda, sadly the only Martial Arts I am familiar with)

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