Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Do you Solve a Problem Like Ellie?

Last week I was seriously considering finding a new home for Ellie. I haven't really dared let myself go there before. I always secretly wondered what kind of person could give their dog up, and now I know. One that is on the brink of insanity and is searching for some sort of peace and quiet and clean.

This weekend Ellie's fate was determined by the sentimental movie Marley and Me. I think me reading the book last year got her through my last temptation to be rid of her and all the trouble she brings. So we will see how long this saves her as one of Team Schwark. Anyhow, teary eyed and hopes bolstered I renewed my vow to keep her.

I mean really, how much less color would our lives have with out her? I forgot to mention in my last post while she thwarted the babysitter and was out on the lamb she decide it would be a good idea to also roll in dog poop. So not only did she have to be caught, once home she had to be bathed. This poor woman who is trying to watch my kids now has to deal with scrubbing poop off my dog. This was definitely not in the notes I left.

Then to top off the weekend Ellie decided to get stuck under the house today. Steve and I are painting the boys room upstairs. I have the window open so I can hear Ellie and Aiden playing in the backyard. After a little while of silence I decide to go down and check on them. I peered around the corner of the house to find Aiden standing next to Ellie, saying sweet calming things, "It is okay Ellie, you can get out Ellie, come on Ellie you can do it." Ellie replied with pitiful whimpering and whining, insisting she was indeed stuck. It looked like Lassie reversed. Ellie has never had a clear vision of herself being the hero.

Anyway, I hollered up to Steve who came and assessed the situation, went to get a shovel, and I a camera. He dug her out. At least she is moping around the house looking like she feels stupid.

Seriously, what a dull house without Ellie to constantly wreak havoc, destroy toys, spread dirt, mud, and poop. Don't forget how much I love her when she barks at...nothing, and wakes up sleeping kids.

How do you solve a problem like Ellie? You don't, you just try to survive her.

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Krista Schei said...

Today I haven't showered. I'm wearing no bra at the early hour of 1pm and I'm sipping a short, mind you, glass of red wine. Katie was up last night throwing up and I've JUST found myself. Thanks to you, reading your blog brought me back to consciousness and the joys I get out of just being in the shoes I'm in. Fantastic writing, my friend. Absolutely fantastic.