Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo Op Not

I am trying to get as many pictures of number 3 as 1 & 2. But 2 is NOT cooperative, at ALL. He is actually the definition of UNcooperative, as can be witnessed by our most recent pictures.

I have been dreaming about all the cute pictures I would get with the three boys over the last 9 months, but alas it will have to wait until Nolen can be wrangled successfully. Aiden on the other hand does beautifully. He sits still, he smiles on que, and loves to hold his baby brother. Even Ellie does well compared to Nolen.

Oh well, check out our latest round of photos anyway.

1 comment:

Megan said...

Great pictures Kristen! I miss them so much! I can't wait to meet Coen.
I just got registered for classes in the fall for college! I'm so excited!
Hopefully, i can get my dates together so i can come out and see all of you! Miss you and love you!