Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today 1 Kristen 0

This is what I would have to qualify as a bad day. Actually it has been several bad days accumulating into one really bad day. Granted I know this is all relative. I dont need anyone telling me, well it could be worse. And I am grateful for my health, my house, my family, etc. etc.

Yesterday I went to Costco in hopes of purchasing an air-conditioner, one that should have been purchased last week when there were plenty to be had, and no mob of crazy hot people trying desperately to get one. I was told they were out, in fact 300 people showed up early that morning to buy them. I was there at 10am, they open at 10am. Those people were smarter than I. Sad. I heard someone say they would be getting more tomorrow morning.

We didn't have to debate long as to whether we should try again, it was 90 degrees in our house last night (as I write this it is 95 degrees, downstairs).

So Steve took off work at my bequest, waited in line for 30 minutes, all to no avail. Sad. He heard someone say they were getting a shipment at noon. Off we went for the other Costco. No air-conditioners. Sad. Steve went back to work. I called Bartells, the air-conditioners had just arrived! Hurry she said. Hurry I did. I got the last one!!

Steve came home to hook it up. It doesn't fit in our windows. So so sad. Back it went to bartells.

Then I sat outside ignoring my kids while they filled up the dirt hole with water from the hose. No big deal until Ellie jumped in and started digging. In seconds she had completely covered herself in mud. Then she proceeded to run laps around the yard in the bark dust. Sad. I hosed her off - yes she shook several times covering me in mud, and dog slobber. Meanwhile Aiden is shouting at me from in the bathroom, I'M DONE, I'M DONE ( I am the official bum wiper).

Now my 95 degree house has a lovely wet dog smell.

Seriously, not a good day.

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