Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lots Happening

Our biggest project, remodeling our master bath, has completely taken over our "spare" time. It will be a post in itself later on, when it is finished, if it is EVER finished. Bless steve for not giving up and working on it hour after hour.

The weather has been nice and we have put our jogger strollers to good use going running almost everyday for the last couple of weeks. I use the term "run" loosly when discribing what I do, it is closer to the slow hobble of a wounded animal, but exercise none the less.

My cousin Megan is here for a week. Her presence makes me long for a live in nanny. She is so great with the boys and I will miss her so much when she leaves. We have made dozens of trips to the paint store (bathroom remodel), visited the zoo, gotten hair cuts (chased by killer roosters at the Country Village), and tomorrow we will particiapte in every 18 year old girls favorite hobby, shopping.

Check out the photos - Aiden has been practicing his jumping. Nolen has been practicing his illuding of the camera (not many shots of him).

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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