Saturday, March 26, 2011

Introducing Minnie

February and March have brought lots of crazy weather thus lots of indoor activities. This time of year the boys are just climbing the walls wanting to get outside and play. We have had several snow days, crazy thunder, hail and of course lots of rain.

Aiden has been wanting a kitty for a long time so we started praying about it each night. "Dear God, please help us find the right kitten for our family, and please let it not have claws, and if it does have claws help it not to scratch me."

We were at Bridges Pet Store and they had some kittens in...which they don't have kittens pretty much all winter, we have checked. And there was a cute little cat, so we scooped her up as two of her three brothers/sisters were already paid for! (they had just arrived that morning). Apparently kittens go like hot cakes.

I was very apprehensive about whether or not Ellie would be able to accept a cat and we took our time introducing them. At first Ellie would not even look at the kitten, she just trembled and tucked her tail between her legs. I figured this was better than lunging and biting. Over the next two days we put Ellie's muzzle on and let her loose. On the third day we said our prayers and let them get to know each other. Ellie did great, the kitten totally holds her own and as of two weeks later they are pretty good friends. They share treats, cuddle at night and play king of the bed. I could not have hoped for better.

All three kids love toting her around, and are gentle in order of age. She is great and wants to hang out with us and follows us around the house. She was totally littered trained and I found a cool litter box, Litter Robot, which makes all that messy business much easier to handle. She sleeps in Ellie's dog crate in our room for now and doesn't make a fuss all night.

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of our family....Minnie Pink Toes Schwark.


Anastasia said...

I don't know Kristen, I have to say your family of three little boys is rather perfect! They are all sooo precious! Sorry I asked for cat pictures when you had all these on your blog! Hugs!

Krista Schei said...

Thank you for this. Thank you for blogging... the comment, 'according to age' had me giggling to myself on the couch. What a beautiful addition to your family! Can't wait to meet her... him?