Friday, March 4, 2011

Christmas In February

We got to have a second Christmas party with Grandma Teresa and Grandpa David when they visited us in February.

Aiden got a little kitty toy that walks and purrs and did not quell his desire for the real thing..
Nolen stole dads gift of fun magnet pieces and takes them everywhere...
Coen loves his set of miniature jungle animals..

They all take turns sharing and trading and generally enjoying all their new toys.

Thank you for coming to visit us!

Since returning home, David suffered a terrible fall and has been undergoing many many surgeries to repair broken bones. Please remember to keep him in your prayers.

1 comment: said...

We had a wonderful time with you in January for our Christmas with the kids. David was injured on January 29th and will be in the wheel chair for another 2 months(May-June). We are looking forward to spending a day with you in April at the beach. So glad that Aiden got his kitten.
Love you all Grandma Teresa