Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Well as you may have guessed we have been busy with summer (since it finally seems to have arrived!)

Coen celebrated his 2nd birthday the beginning of June. There was lots of whip cream, balloons, and bouncing in the bouncy house.

We drove to Liberty Lake for my brothers graduation in June. We were able to visit with lots of family that came for the graduation. It was a really nice ceremony and after party. There was nothing to report of the road trip except that we know every bathroom between here and Spokane.

Then we had a lovely 4th of July. The weather was great and we had our regular Monday night dinner crew over to celebrate. Lots of good food, games and chatting.

And yesterday we participated in the Run of the Mill 5K. I registered Aiden as a runner with high hopes that he would run with me thereby giving me the excuse to go really slow. He consented to run and made it about 100 yards. Then he hopped on the double BOB stroller and Steve pushed all three boys the rest of the way. I told Steve he might as well go as fast as he wants because otherwise he just ends up walking beside me while I jog. He still beat me by 2 minutes. I am not sure how many kids he has to push for me to be able to keep up....
It was really low key, and a good cause raising money for cancer research. We look forward to next years race.

Besides all that our summer project has been to tear out one side of the fence, move the retaining wall out to the property line, and rebuild a fence on top of the new retaining wall. That pretty much occupies our free moments.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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