Friday, September 2, 2011

Our latest trips

So we are wrapping up summer and getting ready to start school next week!

New pictures at the side of our camping trip. We went with our church and shared a site with our friends and their 3 girls. It was raining while we set up and in just continued raining. The kids didn't even notice...they probably welcomed the extra mud!

The difference between boys and girls was apparent come bedtime. Off went the girls to their tent and quietly drifted off to sleep after 15 or so minutes. Off the boys went...drug their by their dirty toes. Once inside it looked as if a bear accompanied them. The tent shook and bulged, Coen's teeth could be seen biting the inside of the tent. After a particularly big crash I went to investigate. Coen tipped himself out of the packnplay, no one was where they started...a general, but normal, mess.

Not being a die-hard camper we set out for home the next morning and continued our "camping trip" after being showered, back at our friends home for more roasted marsh mellows.

The second group of pictures is of our trip today to the kangaroo farm. Coen as usual was the most friendly with all the animals, not even hesitating to feed a llama with his lips while gaining a kiss. I did it in an attempt to get Aiden to try, but he also characteristically would not be talked into anything he didn't want to do.

I feel as though we have had loads of sunshine lately. I am trying to close my eyes and meld the feeling of the sun and the image of the blue sky into my mind so I can recall it when winter comes!

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