Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can You Understand Your Children?

I have been so enjoying Aidens blosseming imagination. I think I reveal in it because I myself have no imagination. I dont recall ever having any imaginary friends. In sixth grade I tried to conjure up a fairy to be friends with, but it didnt last long.

I was afraid Aiden would lack creativity like myself since all his stuffed animal friends names have always been, horse is horse, dog is dog, etc.

But to my pleasant surprise we had a breakthrough in the creative naming department. He has been desperately wanting a kitten (dont anyone dare send us a kitten). I asked him what color kitten he wanted and he said orange, and I asked what he would name a kitten if he could have one and he said "bunny". I love it.

Last week Aiden started having imginary puppy friends. He carries them all over and takes them with us where ever we go. I love these puppies because I dont ever have to carry them. He also has little baby frogs to take care of. And two days ago he introduced me to his friend "gwary". She is a girl wearing a blue shirt. They have been playing together in his "real" friends absense. Today, I discoverd her name is not "gwary", but "gary". As in Sponge Bobs pet snail gary. But gary is still a girl wearing a blue shirt. Aiden was getting rather anoyed at me for not pronouncing his new friends name correctly and spent this afternoon correcting me. Thank goodness we got that figured out!


Krista Schei said...

Oh my gosh... can you bottle that?! I'll take a case.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute!

So ... a few hours after you stopped by the other morning, Harper tells me, "I say goodbye to kitchen short" ... I obviously looked a little confused because she repeated herself a couple of times before I asked her, "Are you talking about Kristen Schwark?" To which she responded, "Yeah". So there you go, you are now Kitchen Short :-)