Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Liberty Lake in the Spring

We ventured over the pass to visit Grandma and Grandpa Schneider and Uncle Chris for a long weekend. The boys were great as they are well trained tv zombies and the dvd kept them pacified pretty much the whole car trip.

Grandma and Grandpa took us to Chucky Cheese Friday when we arrived. Aiden had fun with all the games and Nolen enjoyed watching the giant mouse sing and dance. Aiden did climb up a maze/slide thing and get scared and stuck. Steve was able to rescue him before too long, and I am sure a few visits to the therapist will fix him right up. We also celebrated Uncle Chris's 17th birthday. Aiden was jealous of all his gifts since they both share a love for Sponge Bob.

I got to shop with my mom without anyone asking for a snack or crying to get out of the stroller. I actually had enough time to decide on a pair of new shoes for myself. And I talked my mom into a gorgeous pair of boots that I couldnt fit my fat little calves into.

Steve got to do some virtual golfing with Grandpa and then he spent the rest of the weekend watching the boys so I could run around with my mom. What a guy. He had to entertain them indoors as Spokane didnt have any less rain than Seattle.

The trip back was slow as the pass was traction tires advised. Lots of sleet and yucky rain. But thanks to Steves capable driving we made it back safely.

Thanks for all the fun Grandma and Grandpa! Oops, I didnt even take one picture!

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