Friday, March 27, 2009

What is in a name?

For our first child I set about choosing a name as soon as we had our first ultrasound picture (like 6weeks pregnant). I bought my 50,001 baby names book and started with A, I read all the way through to Z, probably within hours of purchasing the book. The plan (my plan) was for Steve and I to both go through the book, write down our favorites, and then compare. Steve had made it to C after 3 weeks. I could wait no longer and we compared lists. We both picked Aiden for a boy. Whoopie. We had a name. Second baby, broke out the book, did not bother asking Steve to research. Gave him my list and we picked Nolen. Now we are onto the third baby and approaching 30 weeks and I do not have a name picked out.

The only critera is:
needs to end in "en" (Steven, Kristen, Aiden, Nolen etc...)
I dont want it to rhyme with any of our names

We need both boy and girl names as we dont know the gender

Here is what I have so far:
Boys - Teagen, Graysen
Girls- Kellen, Brecken

So, if you are inclined to share, let me know your ideas for baby names. I make no promises to use them, and I dont really want your opinion of names that I like ;)


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MeganS said...

I like Teagen for a boy and for a girl it should be...hmmm...idk i'll get back to you on that...Love you! :)