Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday with Five

Aiden and Nolen and I were blessed to have an additional three boys come over yesterday. I went from being a person who NEVER wanted kids, to entertaining 5 of them all at once. I do have to point out that my friend Kristen was there for the bulk of it, but I did spend a good two hours alone and at the mercy of 5 high energy, very creative, but very well behaved, awesome little men.

Nolen was thrilled to play steal the pacifier with Ben all afternoon. Ben had fun getting close to Ellie. And the three older boys played chase and shoot with their new McDonald's toys.

No one got hurt, everyone ate some food, and they had fun. Quite successful if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

Look at all those handsome boys!


Krista Schei said...

Saved from a nervous breakdown if I do say so myself... ;) Thank you for taking Ben and Will for the afternoon. You are a ROCK. A very pregnant ROCK at that. My hat is off to you... I will repay. Great shots of the boys!!