Monday, February 16, 2009

The Best Day EVER

Lately Aiden has been adding "EVER" to the end of most of his sentences. So they go something like this:

"Can I have .... because it is my favorite EVER"
"I dont want to go to sleep EVER"
"I dont want to stop eating cake EVER"

So according to Aiden, and I must say it was a pretty fantastic day myself, today was the best day EVER.

We went to the zoo with a bunch of good friends. 9 kids, and 4 adults. The adults went along for the promise of the cupcakes afterward.

The zoo was great. Lots of fresh air, room to run, snacks, BLUE SKY and SUN!!

Then we went to the Trophy Cupcakes for a special treat (the day might have been the best EVER for me to except even with a GPS telling me where to go, I got slightly lost and we ended up walking more than I would have liked).

Then all sugared up we headed home and Aiden and his friend Trey played outside in the sandbox long enough for Aiden to get sand everywhere, even in his underwear.

So all day with friends, gourmet cupcakes, and was the best day EVER.


Krista Schei said...

I feel the SAME way... it was a wonderful day. And BTW, the pictures of "Nolan Climbs" are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

So ... are there any cupcakes left?


Megan said...

I can't wait to see the boys!!! I love you!

schwarkmom said...

The cupcakes met a quick and merciful end :)