Sunday, February 22, 2009

Now Completely Founded Fear

I was totally freaked out about visiting our zoo after the tiger and orangutan escape at other zoo's last year. It doesn't take much to set my mind to worry. I have what I would consider mostly irrational fears and therefore I ignore them and leave the house anyway.

When visiting our local zoo it has mostly been the "native" animals, ie. squirrels and crows that scare me the most. I have even been physically threatened and harassed by the them. During one visit a bold and probably rabies ridden squirrel came at me so persistently that I had to surrender part of my Starbucks donut just to distract him long enough so I could run in the other direction with my helpless babies. During the same unfortunate visit I exited the Willawong station to find a crow perched on my stroller rummaging through my belongings. When he spotted me coming to claim my items he took off with the rest of my Starbucks treat in claw.

But just last week on the news my irrational fears were substantiated. A monkey escaped its exhibit and the zoo had to be evacuated.

See I knew I wasn't completely crazy. By the way, we will still renew our zoo membership and brave the wilds.

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