Monday, February 23, 2009

I Cant Breathe

Literally. As the baby gets bigger it takes up more space inside my body, space where lungs usually go. It is probably about 25% physical 75 % mental, as I suspect most of my hangups are. But it really feels like I cant breathe.

And other things start making me feel claustrophobic. Like sitting back in my recliner, or laying down at the doctors office, anything that allows my tiny baby and fat belly to slide up ever so slightly towards my chest cavity.

Weird things have been making me feel claustrophobic lately too, like my rings. It isn't that they are too tight, opposite in fact, all the fat from different parts of my body seems to get sucked into my stomach and butt while I am pregnant, so my fingers are actually slimmer right now. But my rings, my necklace, they draw attention to my lack of oxygen for some irrational reason. Clothes make me feel like I cant breathe either.

Don't worry I will only take off my jewelry.

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