Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Schwark Academy Blog

I was so excited to start homeschooling Aiden. I spent a lot of time researching curriculum and reading books about home education. I picked my curriculum, spent a boat load of money and set off very enthused.

Before we even began I tried to hype it up for Aiden. "Aren't you excited to start school with mommy?" "Only a couple of more days until your books arrive and we can start school." "Wont it be fun learning something new everyday?" Most of my statements were met with " I DON'T LIKE SCHOOL". I found this odd considering he didn't even know what school was.

Once we set forth, I found the curriculum to be boring, for me, and for him. And it seemed every other day was more about a power struggle than learning anything. I would say "this is purple", he would say "IT IS NOT PURPLE". And back and forth until I came to realize I was arguing with a three year old. "Why would mommy lie to you about what is PURPLE!!"

So, we have ditched the formal curriculum and I am scouring the internet for free resources from much more creative people than myself and we are attempting to do something fun and educational a couple times a week.

I am also trying to focus on just letting him do more for himself. Making food, getting dressed, making beds, etc..

In an attempt to document our projects, so I can remember them for Nolen and Schwark baby #3, just in case I dare to teach them anything I have set up a new blog: The Schwark Academy

If you are interested in what we do for "school" stop by and take a look.

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Anonymous said...

Let me know if you have any openings at Schwark Academy for next year, I'm looking for something for Harper :-)