Friday, January 2, 2009

Battle of the Unders

I maybe wouldn't be so acutely aware of our lack of readiness except that I have the sweetest friend who seems to me to be constantly well prepared for life. She stopped by with her THREE girls, one newborn (c-section, yes the woman just had major surgery and she can still manage all this) with a Christmas gift. She looked like she just stepped out of a JCREW magazine. I meanwhile hadn't managed to get out of my pj's (surely I could have found time to don a bra sometime before three in the afternoon, but sadly I had not). So with arms crossed trying to block the view of my messy house and half naked wild children I thanked her profusely and vowed to dress my family everyday.

We call underwear "unders". I don't know why. But here is the thing, all I see all day long are unders. I cant keep my kids dressed. I nurtured this unfortunate habit while I was drowning in morning sickness. I could have cared less who was wearing or not wearing what. But now I am making a valiant attempt to dress everyone, even myself, every morning. After breakfast Nolen's first outfit is trashed, so off it comes. I optimistically think to myself I will redress him after his morning nap. But this is just wishful thinking unless we are going somewhere that requires "no shoes, no shirt, no service". Aiden does okay usually until after lunch, then there is some sort of accident, water, food, scissors, etc..that necessitates the removal of either pants or shirt. Then by three or so he just decides he wasn't meant to wear clothes and they quietly disappear.

I guess I will just be thankful that he does NOT like to be completely naked and always runs to get unders.

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