Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Like, I Hate

  • Secret fit belly maternity jeans, I may never go back to "real" jeans
  • Craigslist, for buying and selling
  • Bedtime, for me and especially the kids
  • Clutter free home, thank you nesting stage of pregnancy
  • My housekeeper
  • Starbucks tea lattes
  • Funny friends
  • Cheaper by the Dozen, I read it once or twice a year
  • People with lots of kids who blog about their cool ideas
  • Play mates for Aiden, they are so much better at make believe than I
  • Feeling baby move
  • Costco
  • Sunshine, can I get some more PLEASE
  • Watching Aiden help Nolen
  • Good smelling soap, particularly something with citrus
  • A one year olds fat little feet, watching them putter around

  • Pee on the toilet seat, more accurately, sitting in the pee on the toilet seat
  • The wee hours of the morning when some tiny person wakes me up
  • My recliner that threatens to eat me alive everyday, and consistently looses bolts
  • My dirty floor
  • The question "why" x 1million per day
  • babies getting teeth
  • babies getting shots
  • watching my stomach get fatter and fatter

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