Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nolen Turns One

Probably goes without saying, I can't believe he is already one. Nolen has been a huge blessing (literally as well as figuratively). I think his first party went off very well. He didn't suspect a thing all day long (please sense the sarcasim). Grandma Schwark, David, aunt Jennifer and cousin Tennyson all came up from Vancouver to visit and help Nolen celebrate.

Aiden's gift to Nolen was a giant cookie monster balloon, and it was by far his favorite gift. Once spotted he did not let it go for the rest of the evening. It even had to go into the bath with him. To all the grandparents who are thinking "good lord, I hope she didnt let him sleep with it"...Of course I didnt let him sleep with it.

He partook in some cupcakes and my expectations of a wild messy baby were not exceeded, but adequetly met. He loved to squish, but not to eat. He made an appropriate mess and looked cute doing it.

Thank you to all who sent gifts, Nolen could have cared less about the clothes, but I love them and appreciate them.


Krista Schei said...

Your comment on the 'of course i did not let him sleep with it' was fantastic -- good job making me laugh, once again. keep it up... ok, i'm off to look at the pics.

Michelle said...

Hey, Happy Birthday to Nolen and time goes by too fast. Sorry that we don't stay in touch as often butI know our lives are just to busy. Miss you guys and love the blog!