Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Sled

Every year we debate whether to buy a sled - okay every year since Aiden was big enough to hang onto a sled, so for two years now. And we always decide not to waste our money since the snow here rarely sticks around long enough to sled on. This year Steve wanted to give Aiden his first experience of sledding since we had what this area considers copious amounts of snow.

The best I could do was the laundry basket with a dog leash hooked to it. Off they went - tipping a little. Steve said the first run went well, but the second not so much. Apparently the laundry basket got ahead of steve and he went to stop it unknowingly wiping Aiden around and dumping him out.

"I dont like sledding, ever." Is what Aiden told me when they came back through the door from their adventure.

We vowed if they still have sleds at Costco at our next visit we will buy one.

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