Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Old Perfection

I love getting my Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, William Sonoma and various other home decor/appliance catalogs. I make an event out of flipping through them. I love to sit somewhere comfortable and quiet, if at all possible, and sip something warm. I take my time day dreaming of what fabulous things I could do to my house to make it a model of ease, efficiency and beauty. Ahh, perfection in a house.

But alas this perfection for me, for my family, is on hold. I have begun to find a new perfection of ease of use, manageability and keeping things sanitary.

My computer is on the kitchen counter, my big honken, ugly computer, out for the world to grimace at. My entry/formal dining and living area is a hodge podge of toys. There is nothing I hate more than hodge podge in my house. Some people pull of a mishmash of decor absolutely beautifully, I have tried, and without doubt failed. But no matter how I stack, containerize and place perpendicular, they are kids toys, out in the open to greet every visitor.

I fantasize about my boys sharing a room. Two cute little matching beds. They instead have driven me to separate them in order to maximize my sleep time. ANYTHING to get more sleep in this house of babies, toddlers and dogs who threaten every peaceful and clean moment.

But, these things also make my day go more smoothly, and if the planets are aligned, sometimes nights. My house is livable and definitely lived in. And I am learning to like it, but have no fear decorator stores, I will be back...

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Krista Schei said...

When did you take that picture? I've moved things around since then. I like it, think I'll move it back. Thanks for the reminder!