Thursday, January 15, 2009

See Kai Run

I just wanted to give credit where credit was due. I ordered the cutest little shoes for Nolen (his little fat feet didn't fit in Aiden's hand-me-downs). We had them approximately one week before they need to be cleaned. In the past I have always thrown Aiden's shoes in the washer/dryer. So in they went. And out they came, completely ruined. The dryer had melted them and the washer had ruined their shape. I was so sad. I looked up the care instructions on the website (probably should have done this first) and it was recommended not to wash them. I sent an email off anyways explaining what had happened and asking if there was anything they could do?

They were so nice! They sent a brand new pair, no cost (I paid shipping). I thought this was beyond exceptional service. We will definitely be buying more of their shoes.

Thank you See Kai Run!


Krista Schei said...

How fantastic are they?! That's awesome! I'll have to look into these shoes as we've got hobbit feet over hither and I ALWAYS ran into the 'feet are too fat' problem with Will.

Anonymous said...

I had a couple pair of these for Ava as her feet were chubby like the rest of her. They quickly became my favorites because of their comfortable yet very hip design! We love See Kai Run ...